G Flip

Georgia Flipo, also known as G Flip, is an Australian musician, singer, songwriter, producer and drummer from Melbourne, Australia. She has performed as a drummer and backup singer for the Melbourne band Empra and performed her first solo show at SXSW in Texas in 2018.

I always kind of called my drum set my best friend, like it’s my dog, like it has always been my best mate. Whenever I would walk into my room I’d say, “Hey buddy to it,” because I’m a weirdo. So, later that day I imagined what if my drum kit could talk back to me. And then I was like “WOAH!” and my brain exploded. I remember pacing around my house from like midnight to four in the morning. I was just like pacing around my house calculating how am I going to do this. Then I looked into it and it was like my obsession. I never stopped until it was built. Now it is a thing, now he’s alive.

Georgia contacted Lymlive in the hope we could assist in making “Jeromo” the living kick drum a reality.

We provided a custom made 800mm circular screen with a pixel pitch of 0.9mm to make her drum kit come to life.

Project Details


Bespoke Solution
LED Display

Project Date

April 2017

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G Flip