Retail Digital Signage

Lymlive media supply and install digital signage solutions to bring your promotions and advertising to life.
With the Lymlive Iris® retail advertising solution we will help deliver your advertising media at the touch of a button

Lymlive Media understand today’s growing need for Digital Signage and can help tailor a digital solution to suit your needs and budget.

Our easy to use software and content management solution can be implemented into a single site or rolled out over a network of stores, all managed from any internet connected device by your marketing team.

Whether just upgrading from print media or looking to stand out Lymlive Media can provide  a solution, our Iris cloud based software is the most cost effective solution in making sure that your advertising and brand is connecting with your customer.

Lymlive Media’s Iris® Platform is backed up by our Heartbeat® system keeping an eye on your system through our advanced software and media players making sure that your screens continue to display and promote your content.

As all Lymlive software is developed at our Global headquarters in Sydney we also offer customized and bespoke solutions to suit your needs.



How it works

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